This guy calls me honey and he says we are dating but every time we meet when we gets back from traveling we have sex. Does he only want sex?

He is a musician we both live with our parents
He goes out of town for his musician job but he also has a regular job in town
He never actually took me out on a date even though he says we are dating
And he calls me Honey and he says I need a guy like him in my life
He never answers me directly when I bring up the what are we conversation
And he has no problem with requesting I go on birth control so that he doesn't have to use condoned but he avoids the official question
Does he only just want sex from me?
I'm not sure what to do with him now

I am not accusing him of using me for sex
I know I chose to have sex with him but I'm not seeing anyone else and I don't sleep around


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  • This is really simple- he wants you on speed dial for sex, and sweetie you are giving it to him. You deserve sooo much better! Find a guy who is going to be there for more than just sex.

    • Yes u r right..

    • Yes u r right.. actually some men think that if a girl is having sex with him then he can have sex with any man. Those are creeps and that guy is one of them

    • He says we will talk tomorrow I am sick and tired after I asked him about him in a non confrontational way. I texted him it pretty well

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  • Well, if you want more from the relationship then you should just move on but if you happy remaining how you are in the relationship then there's no problem.

  • Ask him will u marry me? If he thinks for sometime then that means he wants u for sex only. Don't let him use u. Ask him out as early as possible..

    • I'm not going to ask for his hand in marriage lol but I told him once I see it in the future

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    • Ask him indirectly that"what about our future" and "are we going to have sex with being married" actually the main problem u r facing now is he hasn't even committed u. And afterwards he would say that " i never said u anything it was u who was thinking of marriage" .

    • He told me once we don't have to have sex when we hang out it's just nice when we do

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