Should I go and stay with him?

I met this guy from Spain and we have been on one date so far.. The reason for this is that he only had 3 days left in England when I met him, so his time was obviously very limited. The date went very well, although I did find him a bit forward.. For example, after around an hour of being together, he was trying to kiss me. As I liked him and was caught up in the moment, I went along with it. From then on he would want to hold my hand and kiss me at basically any opportunity he had. To my surprise, he hadn't expected to spend the evening with me. He said he had plans with a friend at around 8ish.. So we left it there. We had discussed that the next time we would meet would be in a couple of months, as a friend and I had coincidentally planned to visit the city where he lives in Spain before I had met him. However, my friend seems to have gone cold on the idea, so I communicated this to the guy. He told me that as he'd be at home alone around that time, I was more than welcome to stay with him. The holiday would be for around 4/5 days. As I do really like him, would this be too forward/degrading for me to go ahead with?


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  • Being that you are going on this 'Holiday,' haven anyways, it is telling me that if the First 'Date' went well, then there's most likely More in store when you get to Another part of Paradise. And it's a great way to know someone better, nearly a week longer seems fitting, and I am safe in assuming that once you get there, you already have quarters anyways.
    Yes, meet up, spend some More time with him. Nurturing and nursing as much time and Any given efforts on Both partie's parts, is a sure way to Find out if the seeds that are being planted are Meant to be sowed More down the line, and a Romance to be reaped in return.
    Take it slow. Don't overthink it. Depending on how well things go with you both, will Determine if you would Feel------Welcome to stay with him...
    Three years ago, a man from Egypt found me on Fb and we got to know one another a lot on Skype, along with his family. Feeling it was right in my heart, I then flew off to the magical land of Cairo, where I stayed 30 days. It went so well, I returned 3 months later, where we tied the knot at the Ministry of Justice.
    If you find you will end up as well in a LDR, This too takes time and effort on both Partner's parts. You do have your ups and downs, no lie, but if it is also meant to be, This is in God's hands, no questions asked.
    Enjoy your trip... Just let him know where to meet up...
    Doesn't sound like just a 'Coincidence,' perhaps Fate sounds better...
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for your Vote of Confidence.:)) xxoo

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