Boyfriend stopped calling me pet names. Is he losing interest?

I've been dating my boyfriend for the past three months or so now. He is currently abroad and we've been keeping in contact via texts and Skype.

He texted me this morning to send me a few photos from the place he was at the moment. I replied with 'Goodmorning honey...' but he just replied with 'Hi! How are you?' He then read my reply, but didn't answer.

He has done this a few times before in the past few weeks or so. Could he be losing interest in me? I feel like he is starting to become more distant, as he often has more time for Facebook and his other friends than he has for me.


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  • You need to take a step back and stop so much emotional investment. He still talks to you and he even sends you morning texts along with photos. He's living his life and you're apart of it. Try not to be jealous of his friends and don't go looking for faults and holes in your relationship where there are none, less you actually begin to create them.

    You've said nothing to imply he's loosing interest.


What Girls Said 1

  • No. He's probably worked how silly they are.

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