Should I still go on dates even though I like someone else?

Ok. I've been seeing one guy for a few weeks now and have found myself really really liking him. A couple days ago I confessed my feelings to him and much to my surprise, he feels the same. Problem is that he's not ready to committ to a relationship and is focusing on Uni. I completely understood.

In between, I've had many offers to go on dates and have been turning them down. Should I accept them just to at least take the chance and just go out? I dont want to have been turning these guys down for the guy I like to then turn me down in the future.. especially cause were not even dating ourselves. We just both admitted to crushing on each other is all..

Should I start accepting these offers or leave them?


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  • If the guy doesn't want a relationship there's nothing that requires you to be committed to him. Go out on these dates and have fun.


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  • "for a few weeks" "problem is that he is not commited to a relationship"

    Seriously hun.. If you want us to commit.. for god sakes.. keep going out to see what happens..

    Girls sometimes put all these conditions and what not.. go on dates if u want.. but no guy commits after few weeks.

    • I worded his wrong aha, this is what he sent back
      "Im just not really in a good state to pursue anything at the moment in terms of being with someone, to be honest I just dont know how to deal with it."

    • Ok then i will say this to you.. He clearly does not wanna be with someone.. does he wanna have sex with you? Sureee. Does he like u.. yes.

      If you guys go out and make out and what not, it will turn into a casual thing as always, so be careful and dont do anything.. Cause he will not commit and will try to see if sex is possible.

      It all depends on what u want.. He seems to like you? Sure.. But no commitment? Then no kisses no nothing.. you feel me? This is where u can actually test a guy to seeif heis for real or not

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