Should I ask him out now, over Skype, or should I wait untill Thanksgiving when I get to see him again?

I really like this guy and I'm going to ask him over thanksgiving, when im back home, if we can be more than just friends... Well that was the plan, but he's been all over Facebook lately with this girl, I've never been the jealous type before... Now I am and I'm torn between either saying something to him or waiting this out... I'm worried that if I wait he will move on and this chick will take him... I'm


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  • Ask him out now over skype. It's not a proposal, you don't have to wait for a big occasion to do it. Most guys won't care when you ask them out if they like you, so if you ask now you can stop worrying about it.

    • Thanks!!! Haha, now I just have to figure out how to word it...

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  • If your intent is to "win" this guy over then you're not going to get what you want by "asking him out".

    Attraction isn't about logic and conversations like that. It's about feelings and emotions. That's because how we FEEL isn't a choice.

    So if you want him to be attracted to you then you have to inspire those feelings in him. That's done through your actions, how you look and move and smell and behave... it's about who you're BEING when he's interacting with you.

    If you're insecure about losing him, and you become needy or desperate, that's going to push him away. We all do this so don't feel bad if this happens to you.

    BUT if you are fun and cool and friendly AND you also come across as cute, and adorable, and flirty, and mysterious... then suddenly you'll be way more interesting to him.

    My question is this... what have you done to seduce him? Because if just hanging out and being friendly is your game then you're losing.

    From my experience women learn how to be a tease and how to flirt in women's magazines and through friends, so I likely don't have to give you any tips on that.

    Be seductive, fun, flirty and a tease. He'll either come around, or he wasn't ever that interested to begin with.

    If you MUST do more than act "inviting" ( and you should... like a flower that invites a bee ) then spend more time alone with him... you can frame it like a friendly "let's catch up!" event except really you're just trying to get him alone so that you can touch him and make him kiss you,.

    Maybe something simple like, "Hey, when are you back in town? We need to have some alone time together so we can catch up and share stories!"

    He'll give you a time he's back, then you could say/text/email "Perfect, pickup some pizza and come watch a show with me at my place that Friday night! I've got this movie I'm too scared to watch alone and I want to hear how your trip went."

    How's that?

    ~ Robby

    • So, when I was in the same state as him we were friends with benifits, we hung out A LOT and I really enjoyed it. He's said things like "I'd drop any girl for you" and that all of his relationships start off being friends with benifits, and he calls me sweetheart... The whole my place thing won't work because I'll be living out of my parents house for the week I'm back. But I'll definatly set up a date with him for when he gets back (as long as I haven't left yet...)

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    • Oh, that does change the dynamic a little... hmmm... I suspect that if he wanted more from you he would have made it happen by now. The odds are not in your favour, but nothing makes the heart grow fonder like time apart.

      Get him alone and seduce that man. If he doesn't want more then that's his loss I guess?

      Good luck!

    • Haha, thanks!!

  • Im really surprised to see one girl call another as "chick". And I wish a "chick" will try me seriously :)


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  • Whether you are on 'Skpye, FB,' whatever social media with him, play your cards right Right from the start And-----Don't say anything like This, just sit back, 'Waiting it out' Instead.
    Apparently he is up for grabs, isn't hooked at the hip with any One girl, so his own options are open. And if you would lay your cards on the table too hastily, he may grow Cold duck feet and hurry back into the murky waters... And the Other girl may win in the end, making you not such a winner, just a broken heart here.
    You could go in for your move, indirectly, subtly, but add a few sparks to the sizzle that he knows you show some interest. It's called being in the Running, Competition to its best ability in Love and War.
    Not even during Thanksgiving should you talk turkey of being 'more than friends.' He may not want a Real relationship, he may want only friendship, and as far as I see here----May the best girl win.
    Good luck, sweetie. It's not too late to wipe them off of Facebook and instead, make You known as well that he is------Not taken yet. xx

    • Sooo I'm confused as to what you're saying. are you saying I should keep my mouth shut and start flirting with him? Or... I'm lost. My plan at the moment is to tell him that I'm starting to develop feelings for him and that I need him to tell me if he could see us as more than friends, if not it's not a big deal I just need to know before I've develop deep feelings for him...

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    • How? What are you suggesting I do? Are you saying I should try to talk with him more or what?

    • If you are on Skype, Fb, yes, talk, but show in a way that you are Interested, without having to come pout and tell him you want to be more than friends... Flirting is what I am saying... And asking to get together to hang out maybe when you come home for the holidays...

  • you must try to talk to him and invite him for thankgiving :)

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