Should I ask to try again?

I'll make it short and easy to read
-know her since 9th grade
-we are both 22 now
-been really close and I can be myself around her
-we tried it once she was scared of commitment so she called it off
-I met a girl liked her
-she comes back and asks for a second chance to try it
-I tell her I'm talking to someone else :/
-the other girl did me dirty
-I see her again at a party and we had a great time together
-I want to ask her to try it again this time for reals no being around the bush nothing like that BUT she has a boyfriend now
-her 2 best friends tell me to still go and try it
-I know we can have something really beautiful and I know she knows it too
-she hasn't been together with the other dude that long so I don't think is that serious


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  • At least tell her how you feel. If her friends are telling you to go and try it, that is always a good sign. Also, she told you how she felt when you were with another. Worst case she will say no because she is already with someone but from what you said, even if that happens, you two will then just remain friends.

    • Well yeah, we will always be close! Another thing that helps is that I'm really close to her whole family and we are both close to the same people! But at the end of the day it is up to her. I will ask her today see what she says! I'll keep you updated

    • Goodluck, hope it went well.

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  • so , i think you must try !

    • I think I am.. we are going to a party Friday of a mutual friend.. and when I drop her off home I'll tell her.. see what happenes... I just feel bad coming back and telling her when she has a boyfriend.. but sometimes you just have to fight for what you want right?

    • yeah, if you want , you should try !

  • Ofc you shoulddd


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