Was this stupid? What to do next?

So I asked this girl if she wanted to be my girlfriend as we were meeting often just the two of us... But I asked her to be my girlfriend before I asked her to have a proper date with me... Now it is really awkward between us. Do I have a shot still? and what should I do? Thanks in advance


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  • Yeah that was a mistake. Usually you go on dates first and establish a connection and then only is it time for the heavy stuff. But considering your age and all, things do usually progress quicker. So it's not all that bad. Can you specify why it is awkward? What was her reaction when you asked her out? I assume she said no but was she friendly towards you? If not, then it's time to move on. If she was still friendly and didn't completely reject you, then you can correct it by asking her on a date and asking if she's willing to get to know you better and for you two to spend time together.

    • So it's been 2 weeks and I've been kind of distant with her and she said she was annoyed because I kept ignoring her but I was trying to think about what happened. But recently we began talking together again...

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    • So I'm not completely lost? I've been so confused lately, I heard she had a thing for me and stuff so that's why I asked her out but she said we were friends...

    • Sorry this is so unorganized!

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