Would you date someone who has been in prison?

So my parents have this small farm. Not a commercial one, just enough to live off and when they hire help they often take guys who are on probation because well they work for food and a roof over their head.
I'm a Vet in a near by town so I'm around quite a lot.

The one who works there right now has been with them for 3 years and they're very happy with it. He works hard, is polite, funny and he asked me out.
I think he is a great guy overall, but I'm a bit worried about going out with someone who has been in prison. He once was arrested when he was 16 for beating up his step dad, which he claims was abusing his mom and then again at 19 for dealing pot. He said to be "ill tempered" or "aggressive" depending on which one of his parole officer you ask.

I don't know him like that at all, but you know I do wonder


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  • You best leave the relationship the way it is. He is a good worker for your parents on their farm. if you bring romance into this, you risk blowing everything up for you, and your parents.

    There's a reason why you are asking this question, your gut instinct is telling you to be careful.

    Always listen to your gut.

    • Also, it sounds like he's been in jail. Prison, and jail, are two very, very different things.

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    • Well, you can go to jail for being a little too drunk and stumbling on the sidewalk.

      You get released the next day when you're sober.

      Prison is a place for people who are a little more dangerous than someone who was a little tipsy.

      If you were convicted of manufacturing hard drugs like Meth, you go to prison. In fact, you cannot even hold someone in jail for more than a period of time (usually less than a year).

      You can hold someone in prison for the rest of their lives.

      If you get convicted of murdering someone in cold blood, you don't go to jail, you to go prison.

      If you have too many unpaid parking tickets, you may go to jail.

      Jail is also the prerequisite for prison. Jail is where they hold you while you go to court. Prison is where you go when you are convicted. There's no bail out of prison. When you're there, you're there. You can usually be bailed out of jail if not convicted. (Money paid to get you out)

    • Well he was convicted to jail or prison time in both instances.
      Tbh it doesn't really matter to me though

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  • I think you should consider it only if you're smart enough to bail the second things seem a bit controlley.

  • For WEED, Yes. For MURDER, No. It all depends on the nature of the crime (s).

  • It depends what it was for.

    • well as I was saying at 16 for beating up his step dad, which he claims was abusing his mom and then again at 19 for dealing pot.

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  • Spending time in prison is a deal breaker for me, personally. I might be able to make an exception for a guy who served time for a non-violent crime, but I highly doubt it. I hate putting people into "boxes," but if he's been to jail because of a violent crime, and his parole officers will admit that he's aggressive then maybe you should approach this man with caution. I'm sure he's very nice, but what makes you think that he won't harm you?

  • everyone deserves a second chance. I would do it, you already know your parents like him

  • If you like him go for it. If he had murdered someone though, I would RUN.