Would you date someone who has been in prison?

So my parents have this small farm. Not a commercial one, just enough to live off and when they hire help they often take guys who are on probation because well they work for food and a roof over their head.
I'm a Vet in a near by town so I'm around quite a lot.

The one who works there right now has been with them for 3 years and they're very happy with it. He works hard, is polite, funny and he asked me out.
I think he is a great guy overall, but I'm a bit worried about going out with someone who has been in prison. He once was arrested when he was 16 for beating up his step dad, which he claims was abusing his mom and then again at 19 for dealing pot. He said to be "ill tempered" or "aggressive" depending on which one of his parole officer you ask.

I don't know him like that at all, but you know I do wonder
Would you date someone who has been in prison?
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