Hey girls is this a good sign?

When I used to work at my last company a I was really good friend with this girl. She def liked me but I was only interested in her as friends. We've done lunch multiple times as friends. While I was there there was this other girl that is hot and I'm super attracted to. I'm no longer with that company. Both girls are fairly close and good buddies. I ran into both of them at lunch recently. the girl I'm only friends with mentioned how difficult it was to get the girl I like to go to lunch because she was always canceling.

Anyways I text the girl I like recently and asked her if she could do lunch. She said yes how about tomorrow. I agrees but she had reschedule for the following Friday. We went it went well and we ended with her saying let's do it again.

Anyways I talked to the girl I like recently to feel out if my girl had told her about us doing lunch and it seemed like she didn't know about it. They are close like I said so I was surprised by this? Is this a good thing she didn't hear or bad sign?



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  • It's not a bad sign not a good sign. She probably wasn't all impressed with the date or she doesn't know where to go from there and def needs another date to see where to take it.


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