Would you assume this is a relationship? Would you assume you're in a relationship without talking about it?

Hi there, I'm just curious as to what people think and assume. My brother is in a similar situation to me so I was wondering if most people think this way or not:

My cousin set me up with this guy. I'm in college, he's not. Since I'm at school, we've only seen each other in person 3 times. We text pretty much every day, and he tries to call me every weekend (even though sometimes I'm too busy to talk).

We have never had the "what are we conversation." I like talking to him, but I'm not looking for a monogamous relationship because I am too busy and I don't want the pressures of a relationship.
He will call me just to talk about nothing, and it's kinda weird to me just because I'm not much of a phone talker (not much of a texter either really) But it got me wondering - does he view this as a relationship? I haven't been with / been on a date with anyone else, but would he get mad if I was?

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  • You are not in a relationship and if he were to get upset then he has issues.

    • Thanks for answering! Nothing has happened so who knows if he would really get mad or not, I was just wondering

    • Your very welcome

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  • It's hard to say without knowing how you met and what you did those 3 times together... but if I was a guessing man I'd say he thinks your in a relationship, and you clearly don't

    • the first time we hung out with my cousins (that was how we met) 2nd time we went to dinner, 3rd time he came to my dorm and we cooked. We have not had sex, only made out. So the only way we act like a couple is the fact that we text a lot. Do you still think he thinks we're in a relationship, even though we never talked about that?
      Thanks for answering!

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