Did I show too much interest? Did I scare him off?

Been seeing this guy for a few weeks and I really like him and enjoy his company and I'm confident he feels the same. He went out of town for 2 weeks for work, so Friday I texted him and asked when he will be back, he told me, there was, more friendly (& sexual) banter then I told him have a good weekend. Tuesday, I set him another friendly message saying I was at this restaurant by his house and it made me think of him and wanted to say hello. He replied right away and was really nice about it, and I ended the convo with "I won't bother you just wanted to say hello". I know men don't like to be pursued. I thought I was just being friendly, and there's no harm, but he has not initiated contact since he's been gone! Do you think I scared him off by being too eager? Do you think he now has no reason to pursue me? Do you think I annoyed him by contacting him while he was away working? Maybe I'm over thinking it? Ugh... help!


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  • Maybe he's busy since he's out of town and working. He doesn't have time to sit and text all day and that's good! That means he has a life lol. Don't take it personally. Stop over thinking it. It has nothing to do with you.

    Just chill out and don't text him. Find some things to do and distract yourself from it. Let him hit you up when he's available and don't make the mistake of getting too clingy and texting him too often. Take your time with it. What's the rush?

    • You're so right. Its so easy to jump to conclusions when in all actuality the man is busy. Plain and simple. I have no reason to feel like he feels any different about me then he did a week ago before he got busy. The only sure fire way to fuck this up is by texting him too much for reassurance.

    • Exactly! You're thinking with a clear head---you've got the right idea! Don't worry, I over analyze and take things like that personally too. It's a work in progress.