What's your favorite cuddle position?

So the title says it all.
Mine is when I'm little spoon and my boyfriend is big spoon (our size difference is hilarious). And while he lays there he runs his finger tips up and down my waist.
His is when I straddle him, but then just lay down on too of him and fall asleep


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  • I don't know if I have certain favorite but I like when she wraps her legs over mine while her head rests just over my heart close enough to run my fingers through her hair that smells intoxicatingly amazing, while she plays footsies with my feet, and gives me these small fishy kisses! Hahaha and then we used to wonder why we never ever finish some movies and gotta go back a few scenes. Something like this but more inclined to see the tv.


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    • I greatly appreciate the fact that your willing to throw some picks in there

    • Ya of course😀 they're cute lol ^-^

  • My favorite since freshman year of college has been this: one partner sits against a backboard with legs out and parted, other partner sits between parted legs and rests back onto the chest or shoulder of the person against the wall. Person against wall can hug, put fingers in hair, turn forward person's head to kiss, massage - lots of stuff. A girl i spent time with as a friend with limited benefits showed this to me - I find it very comforting or as though I am comforting my partner, depending on role.

    • That's how me and m boyfriend sit, when we take a bath together

    • That sounds lovely. I especially like falling asleep this way.

  • Oh, to be able to cuddle longer.

    Alas, I am one of those people who absolutely can't fall asleep while cuddling. I just can't. I wish I could. My wife wished I could. But I can't. It always seemed such a sad thing to have to tell her I had to stop.

    During those times when we did, I liked spooning because I could position the trap arm in such a way that it wasn't too uncomfortable. I also loved it when she placed her head on my chest (but I can't fall asleep on my back. I must be on my side). Furthermore, I'm told my snore is quite loud when I roll onto my back.

  • I like it when she lays her head on my chest, as I can smell her hair, kiss her in the head, and I also have my hands available, so I can caress her body.

  • When I'm on my back and she is laying in a way that looks like she's hugging me.


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  • I like them all really. Spooning is my favorite when hanging out/watching TV. Me on his chest is my favorite for sleeping.

  • I really love spooning, it makes me feel so loved, comforted, and safe.
    I always REALLY love falling asleep with my head on his chest, listening to him breathe and his heart beating.

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