How many non-religious women are virgins or low count?

I'm a college freshman virgin guy myself but not the religious type that wants to wait till marriage. I just want a long-term relationship with a special girl. Once I'm done with college then yes I would be interested in forming a family.

This is my ideal girl:
1) Non-religious (super bonus if she's agnostic or atheist) virgin girl or low count... would be cool to lose it together
2) Smart and career minded
3) Family oriented
4) Pretty, thin and takes care of herself
5) Humorous and kind; awesome personality

So was wondering how many girls fit that description. Also how many girls are actually waiting but not because of religion but would be ok doing it in a relationship? It's great you want to take as much time but I'm not going to wait till marriage, not that extreme.

Hopefully church isn't the only place to find the girl I'm looking for. I don't want church girls.


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  • Im a non religious virgin lol. I haven't been in a committed relationship with someone yet, so it hasn't happened yet.


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  • I'm atheist, not a virgin, but only had 2 partners. My ex and my current. I'm 23, I had my first bf at 19. Before him, I never kissed, never hugged, never held a guy's hands. My friends used to call me a "mega virgin" haha.
    I've pretty much been atheist for most of my life.
    As for family oriented, Hispanics are like that. We will fight for family, be there for family, and care most about our family. But be careful, if you cheat or break a Latina's heart, her brothers, cousins, or dad will want to fight you. Not even joking.
    I'm a Nutrition and Biology major, I want to be a doctor, and I think eating well is important.
    I'm not single, my bf is a devout Christian but we get along. :)
    I have atheist and agnostic friends who are virgins. Some are abstinent til marriage. Others are virgins, but waiting to find the right guy, not necessarily waiting for marriage. They go to college as well.
    I tend to notice, from my friends at least, that the less religious girls are, the less sexual partners they have. It's comical, because people assume atheist/agnostic girls are just waiting to join orgies or whatever just because we don't believe in god. My friends who are devout Christians and Catholics are more sexaully active and have started earlier. They have more partners and are more promiscuous. I don't think promiscuity is bad, but it's funny that everyone assumes religious girls will be more likely to be less sexually active. Not true around where I'm from at least. In fact, it's pretty much standard here and church girls have a very bad reputation with being "easy", especially born again virgins. Some of my guy friends basically say that it's easier to get laid in church than a nightclub. At least where I'm from that's what they say.

    • That's a great combination. Both you and rgb008 would the ideal gf I'm looking for.

    • Very well spoken... informative response

  • I'm those things but I am a theist and not an asexual more like a gynophobic. But I think if I find the one I'd be happy to have intercourse with him.
    Wouldn't want to live with an atheist, I find them as annoying as any religious person out there (Both wanna force their views down your throat, not saying you're like that).

  • Well I'm a virgin, atheist, asexual

    • Wow it's going to be hard finding her. In the relationship, I would eventually want to get intimate and have sex. You may need to find a man with a very low sex drive. Mines is regular to high.

    • Yeah, I'm looking for another asexual

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