I just met a great guy, but I'm moving soon. What to do?

I graduated from college in May and have been living in the city since then for an internship. I didn't really have that great of a summer, didn't love my job or my new home--but to be honest, I think it was all just an adjustment phase. I have terrible anxiety and went on some anti-anxiety medicine which has made a world of difference in my life. I'm now making friends, enjoying my time here and my new city. Last weekend I met a really great guy and we just clicked. We're going on a date this weekend, but the problem is that I am supposed to move back home (across the country) at the end of October. I got out of my apartment lease, but I haven't put in my two-weeks notice at work, so it would be possible for me to stay a little longer ( a few more months) if I found a sub-lease. I'm finally starting to make friends and I don't want to move back home and have to start over. Things are starting to go well for me, should I stay where I am or go home? (It should be noted that I do love my home and have been excited to go back until things started looking up. I flip-flop on my decision because I like both cities, but my family is at home).


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  • financial wise if you don't think you can carry on it in your new city move back with family remember your family will always be there its time to focus on yourself maybe your family can visit you if there's not a lot of opportunities in your hometown then yes i would stay put where your at because if you have a good job that pays well why leave you can always see your family with the money you get at work then if something was to happen u have the money to help your family out but if you have friends and history at home and feeling home sick or have a close family then i would go back home i think you should stay where your at longer see how things go with this guy and friends and if it goes bad move back home if things go good stay here and take him to meet your parents when your ready to :) i think your parents would want to see you happy doing great and coming home with a lot of good news about where your at over there then bad news but if you do come back with bad news you have family who will get you threw anything and everything