What does it mean when a guy hardly text you after a date?

I went on this date with his guy to the movie, but to me it was awkward, I hardly look at him and he was laughing at me saying "this was the most weirdest date he been on" I didn't know whether that was good or bad. But it was my first date, but after the date ended he hardly text me. For a day maybe 2 or 1 text and sometimes he doesn't even reply until later the next day, question that I ask or what we talked about the day before he would reply another day was I not important? I know he work and so do I, but I find time to reply to the message he texted because I know how much I hated waiting for him to text me and when I does text him he won't reply until the next day. Am I wasting my time on him? Is he not interested?


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  • I am sorry, but I think he has lost interest. By your description of the date, I am guessing your shyness, made him feel uncomfortable, or caused him to be bored. Please don't take that too personally. You just need more experience dating.


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