Never did write back to my long letter?

my boyfriend is in jail , well he's a trustee now , i wrote him a 6 page back and front letter , breaking down my life and it was a real positive letter i got really into the emotions and it was a side of me i never told or let him see... anyways , when he writes its always a 1 page front only letter, and it really annoys me. he never gets deep into emotions and it has always upset me because im a person that likes emotions weve been together for 3 years , when i visit him Sunday i feel as though i dont want to talk to him because he didn't respond back to a letter where i really let my wall down and told him who i was really was, im hurt and feel stupid for taking the time to do all that. Should i even go visit him? he told me to write him but then doesn't reply back with nothing more than i miss you i love you blah blah.. for me since im a write i really write when i send letters i dont write bs letters. hell be out in December he just went in august. no felony because its his first offense he's 24 im 22


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  • Move on... A lot of law abiding guys out there. This is just the beginning of what you have to look forward to. A guy that won't tell you he loves you... doesn't. You are way better than him... way better.

    • he tells me he loves me all the time , omg did you need read the q... i said he won't get into his emotions in the letter... omg someone gets arrested once and all of a sudden they are a felony criminal that terrorizes the city...

    • Sorry, did not mean to be a dick. But read your own question. You don't sound happy. And the saying "things will get better" is a lie. I am 48, married 24 years. No arguments no fights. Girl I dated before being married cheated on me. She has been married 3 times and almost divorced again. Behavior does not change. I am just thinking you would be happier if you moved on. It is only opinion... just trying to help. Sorry... Good luck.

    • I am not saying you are saying "things will get better". Just saying that generically.

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  • i think for you hanging in there and being by his side threw all this i feel like he realizes it and appreciates it when you in jail you half to stay strong through out it i feel he rather show you his emotions in person then over a letter i really think he will stay by your side for staying by his throughout his time in jail i think you should try making him a better person not changing him but keeping him on track and focusing on his life more and he could do that by hanging out and spending his time with positive people like you i kinda feel like you are the only one there for him in jail and u do expect more in a letter because you doing a lot staying by his side while he's in jail i know things maybe tiring and stressful but im sure you guys will work it out together in person i feel like the letters won't matter when you guys get to see each other again and hang out

    • i try to be there alot, recently my car registraton expired and i am waiting for my massage certification to finish processing so i can work doing massage, so i use my fathers car to see him , i am there for him i am trying to help him change his life around its just i wanted him to give me more in the message.

    • ik how you feel hun what i was trying to say i feel like he does appreciate you a lot and doesn't want to loose you if you want him to give you more in a message have you tried talking to him about the things he likes or likes to talk about maybe start out talking about stuff he likes what im saying is start out talking to him about things that interest him or gets his interest and then go in on what you want to get out of him and see what he writes back to you or starting out with something he's interested in then tie that along with what you wish he would do for you ik if it was me i would be like guess what this guy did for his girlfriend that i thought was sweet and then u state the things u want out of him by hinting it that way

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