I changed universities and now can't stop thinking about the guy I left behind even though it was just a crush?

So I had a crush on this guy for 2 years ( we didn't talk we had a falling out it was complicated).

I don't go to that university anymore and haven't for the past 6 months but I constantly think about him and his face and all the areas in the university we used to be together (It's stupid).

It's really affecting me... I like where I am now but it's not the same.

What do I do? Also I can't talk to him at all.


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  • Why can't you talk to him?

    • Because we haven't talked in years and I moved away so there is no point and because I am to egotistical to talk to him first even after all this so it's not an option

    • Focus on other things like making new friends, finding another guy to crush on so you can get your mind off him. Time heals everything trust me I've been there. This is coming from a girl that's switched high schools 5x.

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