How do you learn to not care about guys and be in the game?

It takes me a long time to like a guy and when I do I am hooked and it almost always ends badly.

I want to be one of those girls who can date multiple guys and have no feelings for them.

How do people do it?


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  • Why would you chose to be something you are not because some D-bag hurt you? Why do you want to be an evil Hater? It won't make you feel better; it won't take away the pain. If you are a person with a Soul, you will HATE yourself, later, for choosing the 'Dark Side'!!
    Bad things, and bad relationships happen to everyone, ESPECIALLY GOOD PEOPLE!! What we do, our choices, and how we forgive, and move on defines our Character: WHO WE ARE!!
    Do you want to be an angry btch, using people, or can you just stop, take a moment, and realize he was a D-bag, then go on, and live your life without HATE?
    The 'GAME' is only a game, is people choose to play it!! BE YOU, choose NOT to play, and find a nice person, someone who cares and loves you, for you, and forget the EVIL ones!! They aren't worth your time to hate them!!!

    • I don't plan on playing anyone I simply meant dating a lot of guys and not catching feelings for them so fast and being able to move on quick

    • Not a judgement, not a condemnation. Just be patient, and find the RIGHT guy, rather than just dating a lot that you maybe don't care much about! I think that an HONEST woman, with GOOD VALUES, is worth waiting for. I don't even mind when she makes me try to prove how much I like her!!
      As a woman, YOU HAVE THE POWER!! You can decide when you want to be intimate, and with which guy!! Don't sell yourself short, and find that REALLY GREAT guy, even if it takes a while!!

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  • Better to just be yourself. Getting your heart broken is one of the lesser appreciated qualities of life. On the bright side, when a man comes along and doesn't break your heart, you'll have a higher appreciation.

    The road there might be bumpy as hell though

    • I'd honestly rather not feel it

    • The only way that is possible is to no longer have a beating heart, but I surmise you'd like to live a long and healthy life

  • You date multiple guys that you're interested in and tell them all your intentions. It's easier to not obsess when you don't put all your eggs in one basket. This can happen to guys too. I know many guys that will start talking to a girl, obsess over her and only her for months. Eventually go out and it's over in a month.

    • Basically, take your time before getting into a relationship. So when you are finally together, you know the person. How a guy acts while dating (even tho he's on good behavior) is fairly close to how he will act in a relationship.

    • hmm ok thanks

  • Surely you will have a feelings about each one, but you can control the feeling from love to hate, or to sexual desire in the end.
    You can't forget someone but your mind can manipulate the history about the relation and change it according to the situation you are in.

  • Be trashy? That might help. Turn into a cold, emotionless bitch that will never experience happiness?


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  • easiest way is too have multiple of them , or have a boyfriend and then have multiple guys because your hearts taken already so there's no room for them, or when you do start to have feelings just ask yourself these qs>>>> 1. if he got murdered would i set out on a kill bill revenge to find the killers? ... 2. do i like him or lust him... your the same age category as me... most the time we dont like them we lust them and can't tell the difference... just know that its lust and not love... repeat after me... guys ain't sh&* but dogs with dicks... hehehe... or only see them when your drunk or super high on weed... i have a few people i hook up with but wouldn't care if they got hit by a bus...

    • I can do it with some guys but there has literally been one guy on my mind for the past two years and no matter how often i try to date around and meet other guys to get him off my mind i can't it's really annoying

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    • find someone that bangs your brains out better then him and looks better than him and hell be gone very soon from your mind... or when you see him treat him like a just a hook up... no hugs... turn your head when he tries to kiss you.. no cuddling..

    • matter of fact... dont ever cuddle with hug or kiss a hook up.. those are all emotional things... dont get the sex and leave...