Why does society say weight is an issue in dating, when fat people get dates/get married?

er... whilst nothing is black and white in life, why do people present it in these terms?


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  • I think it's a maturity issue. Young people, teens and people in their 20's are driven to seek perfection like someone out of a fantasy, but as they mature, they start to realize this is real life. Then they're more willing to seek out a compatible personality in lieu of a hotter body.

    • as said below, i've seen and see opposite... meh, I guess experiences differ..

    • I personally have never cared much about looks. If he doesn't take care of himself, or takes no pride in his appearance then I'm likely to turn him down, but that's a health concern. But I have mostly guy friends, and I've watched them chase stripper hot fantasy girls until they were in their late 20's. Then I watched the quality, happiness, and length of their relationships grow, as the overall attractiveness of their choices slip down ever so gradually.

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  • Young women dont like fat guys, when they get older they think more about who can take care of them, then the weight issue is no longer an issue

    • I dunno, i've seen opposite, in both school and strangers in the street...

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    • then we agree to disagree... i just don't see it as black and white as presented..

    • Thats what I see pretty much if you see something else then thats good for you

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