If a woman make an effort to see you when flirting with you does that mean she is a good dating material?

This woman and her friend vith flirt with me , he friend started the flirting game we only flirt eye contact smiling nothing more nothing less , strange thing is when i approached her she rejected me twice , so the woman kept flirting with me even after her friend rejected me not only that , she came to my area whole twi weeks just to see me , she made an effort more than her friend does that mean she is better or she would do the same?


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  • When you see her again, ask her questions, get her to like you, and don't be overly cocky. Then ask her out. I doubt she would say no. Her friend was probably "flirting with you" to get your attention so you could meet her friend. That's how girls do things. If she says no just be straight up and ask why she was leading you on. But don't overthink it... ask her out.

    • I thought her friend liked me but she didn't , anyway i like her so much , i just can't stop thinking about her.

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    • Okay i will try when i see her i dont know if they would let me work there

    • Thnx

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  • Maybe, it also sounds like she's bound by some silly dating rule. I don't know wyh she would reject you twice while still being interrested, but it sounds like some "unwritten rule" someone made up on how to "get your man to chase YOU" or something like that. Do you want her? Talk with her, and talk about that!
    I've seen some of those "rules" and if anyone had used them on me i would've been more annoyed than in love.

    Girls, it's just annoying. Don't play fancy games to make us interrested. Firstly it's just annoying, secondly it's either confusing (which might make us just give up because you seem annoying) or very obvious (which again makes you seem annoying). So in the end, playing those games make you loose.

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