Why do I feel jealous over this?

I'm not a jealous type but when the guy im seeing puts a picture of himself on whatsapp of him topless I feel jealous and paranoid :/ he doesn't usually put pictures of himself up but I'm feeling very jel , it's a posing picture of himself , am I being silly? Just In my mind I'm thinking who's he showing it off to

Maybe it's because he cheated on his gf once
Ex gf


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  • He's with you for a reason. Maybe you offer something more than any other girl.

    • We are in a long distance thing , I'm maybe just being paranoid , he says he's busy with work but seems to be on n off whatsapp

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  • Move on... He is sounds like he is into himself. Bad sign.


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  • naaah , he's just being a guy , no worries:)

    • Maybe I sm over thinking but I've noticed he's been on n off whatsapp when he's supposed to be busy working

    • it's tricky to be in a relationship because we are testing ourselves , give him enough personal space and have faith in him :) we all overthink , take it easy don't worry :D

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