Boyfriend "doesn't know how he feels" help?

So my boyfriend and I have been together just over 6 months. In the beginning it was like a fairy tale. A few months in we started arguing because of the different points of few we had. He cared a lot and so did I and it was obvious. Around 6 months he said his feelings have changed so we took a break and I thought about everything day and night. Over a week later and we met up and he said it was a mistake and wrong to do that to me. so we tried taking things slow and he wanted to have the chance to fall in love we me all over again. Today he told me doesn't know how he feels, he doesn't know anymore. He doesn't know what to do and neither do i. You know when you love someone so why is this happening? There's no one else and he is quite depressed. I don't know if that's clouding his vision of what he wants but I can't take this hurt anymore. I want to be cared about and he gives me signs he does and signs he doesn't. Opinions? Please don't be rude.


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  • It sounds to me like he never learned that guys need time alone outside of the relationship, to recharge. If he genuinely doesn't know that about his own gender, he will have felt to drive to leave you but not understood it and that might have led to his decision to break up with you temporarily. Once he got some space, he realised he did want to be with you (of course) but he is not understanding his own drive for independence with his own desire to be with you.

    Is he the sort of boyfriend who threw himself into the relationship full time 24//7 to the possible exclusion of his friends or other interests? Is it possible he never learned that guys need short periods of alone time, or the relationship dies?


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  • Dump him and move on. Don't play these "I don't know how I feel games". He'll just drag you down.


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