White guys only. What do you look for in a girlfriend/ wife?

I'm of Indian heritage, but I often get confused for a Latina.
When I clarify that I'm Indian, I find that many white guys would cut back on their conversation with me. It was all going fine until then.
Now, I have a thing for white guys, and I do my best to be respectful, but I don't get what they want out of me?
I've only dated white guys in the past, and I find that many would just let go after a while for no apparent reason, even when I didn't do anything wrong.


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  • Could be any number of reasons. None of them more than misunderstandings or ignorance (hate that word)

    Arranged marriage
    Religious differences
    Family problems (yours of theirs)
    Etc. those are just common thoughts that might get in the way and that are best shoved into the light and aside from the get go. :)


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  • I don't understand it either. Could it be to do with your religion or attitude towards sex. From what you have given us it is impossible to fathom. The mere fact that you are of Indian origin would not put me or most other white guys off. You need to tell us more. Happy to message if you want.

  • I don't understand why you're being Indian would cause someone to distance themselves from you, unless they had some sort of irrational prejudice. If that's so, you wouldn't really want to be with them, anyway.

    I'm white, and I would date an Indian girl (or any ethnicity) as long as we were compatible together and attracted to each other. I've never cared all that much about race. Your personality is not determined by your skin.

  • I think the main reason the guys cut back on their conversations with you is because most white guys don't really know much about Indian culture.

    As for what I look for in a gf / potential wife is:
    -someone who is easy to talk to
    -someone who makes me laugh (and laughs at my jokes, no matter how bad)
    -someone who I enjoy being around (feeling of ease)
    -someone who shares my interests

    Then of course there are the physical traits, which are completely individual preferences.


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