Should I ask her out I know she is a liar am I desprarte?

This girl approached me few months ago at my training area , we talked she took my number , then she told me she is into me , she started to meet me every time she comes , then one day i was having a final exam a terrible day so i asked her if she can stay with me she said she have to go i told her its okay , then when i went out from the cafteria she was sitting with another guy , that thing pissed me off how could she lie like that it would be better if she said i want to see another one , i stopped talking to her she knew i saw her she kept calling i never pick up she invited me to her graduation i told her she has enough friends , she stopped calling me at my graduation day she called me i didn't know its her anyway she told me she is my friend she put her name so i answered it was her , she knew its my graduation thats why she called i never tell her why i stopped talking to her she seemed upset , she said i knew you might never call me again i just wanted to say what i feel , anyway i talked to her a little texting then i stopped but i feel alone these days should i invite her to a coffee or she doesn't deserve that?


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  • That wasn't really a "lie"... she had to go... and meet someone else.
    Were you two ever officially dating?

    Just have a conversation with her over coffee or something... I think you are overreacting by calling her a liar. A liar would deny deny deny everything but she seems pretty honest.

  • I think you should invite for a small date. Coffee or something. Nothing major. See how you guys do then take it from it there.


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