So the girl I like and her friend keep talking about me in earshot? They talk about how I do and don't look at her... ? Why?

Her friend told the girl i like in earshot of me that i keep looking at her (and also said "he should ask for your number") and then another time a few days later the girl i fancy said to the friend (all in earshot) that i pretended to be looking out of the window all night instead of looking at her

... why do they keep talking saying things like this? What is going on in the girls heads?



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  • Girls are just like that. They might be interested u back. It depends on how she acts around u with out her friend around

    • she's really shy

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    • She is nervous. But if u have eye contact that is a sign

    • She can also be jealous because she wants you to focus on her. She obviously likes you, but is to nervous to tell you and cam feel awkward becuase she doesn't want you to be creeped out and yo u find out about it.

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