What does new Chinese lady friend mean by Shanghai men?

I met a wonderful lady online a few weeks ago. I'm Caucasian (47) and she is Chinese (43) moving from Shanghai and Beijing. We have met local one time. Tonight we plan to meet again. She has been living in Seattle only 2 months and is working hard to learn English. Our first time together was spent walking around her neighborhood at 9pm chatting, enjoying the company. She has a daughter (17) that has been in the states for a few years going to school. Her daughter has her watch shows like 'Gossip Girls' and 'Sex in the city' to learn American English. Not sure what the result will be from this.

Anyway, she told me that she does not like how men in Shanghai treat woman. Can you help me understand why, what traits she may not appreciate. She says she is looking to find a gentleman in America. I'm hoping she does too.


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  • shanghai men are problably sexists, so she wants to be treated as an equal. Respect her, remeber that her English is not 100% so dont overanalyse stuff.


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