He kissed me, does that mean he likes me?

So last friday I went to the movies with this guy I really like. During the movie he kept leaning on me and kept flirting with me. Making the story short, when we got back to the car he kept flirting with me as well, he also said I made him nervous. Then he kissed me and we made out 4 times but ever since friday night he haven't text/called me. I don't know if he like me or not, I don't know if its because he's shy and he's expecting me to call him or so. Pllzz help me!

oh and I forgot something very important ... he been going out with sum grl for a month.


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  • Well, given what you described happened, I would definitely say he likes you. He could just be waiting to call you to make you think about him more. If this is the case, it's obviously working because you were thinking about him enough to ask about it here. He could also just be painfully shy. Give it another day and if he still doesn't contact you, either call or text him.

    • Thank's

    • Do tell us all how it works out - yeah I know, I'm a bit of a sap

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