Help!! What do I tell this girl I am dating that will comfort her?

I am dating this girl and we are in a LDR and she is overwhelmed with everything. She plays college volleyball and is in honors student. I can't be there to hold her and kiss her on her head and tell her everything will be ok. Is there anything I can say to her that would comfort her? She has a tournament this weekend so I can't see her. Any suggestions are grateful


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  • Tell her that you're there for her, whenever she needs you, whatever she needs that you can do.
    You're not going anywhere, you care about her, offer to help her with relaxation or meditation exercises (if need be).
    Be there when she's freaking out, and if she's seeming freaked out over text, CALL her or ask if you can call her so that she can hear your voice and tell her that it's okay, that she can do this, that she can handle all of this, you have faith in her, you know she'll be great, she just needs to relax and take things one step at a time, one day at a time.
    Send her cute or funny pictures of encouragement randomly, will make her feel supported, like even though you can't be there with her, you're there with her in spirit and you're a part of what's going on.
    Stay in contact with her, but let her have her alone time if she needs it.

    • Thanks for MH!

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  • Just tell her that it will be okay. That soon she won't have those classes and will be relaxed.


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