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I met this guy online through a dating website. We have been hitting it off pretty well and have gone out a few times. Its going to be a month that we have been hanging out. I asked him awhile back: that when he was living in another state he didn't want to date anyone because he wanted to move back to Texas to be with family and I asked what he wanted now. He told me he didn't want to put a label and wanted things to happen naturally. I understood because thats what I want, I just got out of a long term relationship. Last time we hung out we went out to dinner and played miniature golf. He told me to be patient with him because he was going to be busy the next couple of weeks. I told him that I would be. I really like him but he still has his online dating website. I took my off and he still has his. I dont know what I am suppose to do because I can't say anything because I have gone on dates with 2 other guys. I only want to date one guy the one I am talking about. However, I dont know where we are at or if he wants the same thing. What do you all think?


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  • He told you what he wanted... he likes you but wants to take things slow and let things progress naturally.
    He's not at the "relationship" phase yet, so he's leaving his options open right now since you guys have only been seeing each other for a month. He hasn't decided he ONLY wants to date you yet.
    I'd be patient... continue seeing him, you enjoy him. Don't worry about labels right now since you guys are still getting to know each other.
    If after another month or two, nothing has progressed and you're wanting it to, bring it up and go from there. Maybe the relationship will start then, officially, or maybe you guys will decide that you want different things and may need to part ways.

    Good luck! I hope things continue to go well!

    • Thank you so much this helps out a lot

    • Great, I'm glad... and thanks for MH!

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  • I think he wants more girls.

    Decide, do you want him to be with others or do you want it to end? If the latter, then leave him.

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