Stuffed animals... What does it say about a girl?

Let's be honest here... Guys if the girl you are dating has a stuffed animal, maybe one or two, what do you think?
Girls do you have stuffed animals?

I still have mine from my last relationship. I just don't care to throw it out. That's all...

  • Stuffed animals = too young
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  • One or two is okay but a lot is wierd.
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  • If it is from your ex it has to go.
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  • I have stuffed animals. Let's have a tea party lol.
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  • Don't really care
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  • Nothing much of it really you might have received it as a gift from your mom or something.


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  • I've long had a soft spot for stuffed animals, so I completely understand why a girl would choose to keep them. Once you start getting in your late 20s/early 30s, then it starts to get weird, as well as having too many of them.

  • I don't see nothing wrong with 1 to 5 but over 8 is a bit much.
    Having a lot of them is weird, and especially if she has an entire backstory to each one.


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