What does it mean for a guy to be boring and too predictable? what makes a guy like that specifically?

Specifically what makes a guy boring and too predictable when it comes to women? Specifically what also makes a guy exciting and fun to girls, unpredictable?


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  • boring and predicatable:

    Guy that compliments a girl constantly, one that just does thing that a girl already see's coming before she even asks you.

    Example: You tell the girl that's pretty all the time, that she's beautiful, that she has the prettiest smile etc...

    These are all great things to say, in proper time, but overuse of compliments, girls get bored because they know you're sweet but nothing about it is exciting. Instead... you can tease a girl with an answer or something she's not expecting at all. playing it off super sarcastic. It has to be done in proper tone and humour... or it ccould be taken wrong. For example, your girl walks up to you and says, what do you think of this dress: The boring guy would say, yeah it looks good, it's fine..

    The not boring guy would say something along the lines of: "Babe, if you wear that, we're breaking up, and btw.. i'll want all my cd's back, yes even the justfied album from justin timberlake.. keep the britney spears one.." then followed by her laughters and your kisses all over her and then give her your true opinion whether you like it or NOT. very important.

    Guys that are exciting are the ones that just do random things that girls don't expect them to do. A boring guy is one that will eat icecream with you and just hold hands. The exciting one, will try to get his girls nose wet by tipping her icecream gently and playing it off and laughing, and then maybe licking it off her and holding hands and laughing about it for a moment.
    Do you see what I mean?

    most helpful? maybe? message me if you want to know more.


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  • Honestly I don't find any guy boring because everyone is unique and unpredictable in his or her own way. A guy who doesn't listen affects me. A fun guy would be someone who shares common interests with me that we can enjoy doing together.

  • it means being boring and the usual date like a regular resterant chocolates and not much out of the ordany conversation

  • Lefrancais gives a very good answer, i agree with him


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  • women like it when you play with there emotions. they will say they dont but they do. they crave an emotional roller coaster of push/pull. by push/pull i mean make them think you dont need them to have a good time, yet keep them interested by being flirtatious at the same time. live in a reality where all that matters is your own entertainment and fun. where you are not outcome dependent. then give her the privilege of entering your world, and you will be the least boring person on earth.

  • Too predictable, I think that makes he makes himself too available, being the opposite of that, don't make yourself too available, show her that you have a life, as for boring, that's a tough one because I'm boring as in I haven't done anything really exciting such as skydiving