Does he not like me?

my crush used to stare at me all the time, now it's getting less frequent and he doesn't do it like he used to. But when he does now i try to look back at him or at least smile. I had opportunities to talk to him but chickened out. is he still interested? Or was he ever interested?


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  • honestly he was probably interested, but too shy to approach you. guys have a fundamental evolutionary anxiety associated with approaching women they are attracted to which stems from not wanting to be humiliated, (or in a more ancient context, beaten over the head with a club by another male).

    • so i should approach him first but be friendly so i won't come on "too strong" ?

    • yeah just say something goofy. guys love humor. that way you can kind of test the waters a little.

    • cool, i will try this! Thanks :)

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