What is the deal with him? Help?

I met this guy from Kuwait traveling to us and we went on a date and really liked each other, he was soooo sweet and we both thought the same, we talked everyday even though I didn't see him again for like a week.. Then we went out it was good but a few days later he blocked me on every account for no real reason,. He went back to Kuwait & now I'm in egypt for a year for family.. Today I saw he looked at my snaochat it's been a month since we've even seen each other or made contact. I looked at his Twitter and I saw he wrote something in Arabic that translates to saying that he misses the days and nights with u and he's sorry for hurting you but he still loves you." I can't help thinking this is about me and he also rt something after saying you can do stupid things to ruin something that went so well.. I don't know if this is about me.. But I find it a big coincidence.. Do you think I should make a move by adding him on snapchat? He's a cancer and they rarely make the first move but I truly still care about him so much , I feel I will never meet another person like him because we were so perfect for each other.. I've thought about him everyday..

What do I do?


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  • His astrology sign has nothing to do with anything. If you want to add him then do it