Does this girl like me as a friend or more?

I have been very good friends with this girl for about 2.5 years. About a year ago she asked me out, as friends, to the beach. However, she never had my number and went out of her way to get it and call me right at the end of the summer holidays (maybe she was thinking of me over the whole 6 weeks?). Anyway, recently I told one of her friends that I liked this girl and the girl said she would try and find out if she liked me back. So the next day her friend texts me to say that apparently this girl wants to go to the year 12 ball with me. She doesn't know whether she wants to go as just friends or more than friends... So my question is: do you think she likes me as a good friend or more than friends? And also, if she likes me as just a friend how could I make her like me in the more than friends way, cause i really like her a lot and want to date her, but don't want to ask cause if she says no it will be awkward and I still want to be friends with her. If you need more info just ask. Btw, we are both about to finish year 10 and live in australia. There are soe other things that make me think she likes me...


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  • broooooooo she likes you. she's interested. dont hesitate, go in for the kill!