Dies a guy have to be handsome in order to be liked by a cute or pretty girl?

Now I know that personality is a big deal but looks matter too. Just wondering what cute girls generally expect. I see a lot of cute girls here. :) please be honest about it, what's the lowest you'd settle for with looks? Does he have to be handsome, regardless of his personality?


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  • He has to be handsome to me, and only me. Doesn't matter what other people think about him.

    • yup! this.

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    • To me? A guy is handsome to me when he's well dressed (like clothes that fit right, pants at the waist, clean), has a friendly/approachable demeanor, a good smile, and has a hair cut and facial hair style that suits his face.

    • That's Me!.. lol

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  • yeah, you need to feel attracted to the guy. What makes a guy handsome to me might not do the same for other girls. For example, i think the actor Adrien Brody is GORGEOUS, but I know many girls wouldn't give him a second look.

    • I just worry cause I never really appeal to girls around my age. :/

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    • I take care of my looks no problem but I fear my facial features leave me at a standstill..

    • something interesting is that you worry cute girls only look at handsome man. But aren't you just worrying about the girls looks? Does she have to be cute?

  • No he just have to be funny... if you can make a girl laugh then you are set.

  • Not necessarily. It also comes down to personality, intelligence, ect. There are a lot of factors that play into attraction :)


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