My boyfriend posted that he is #single and #gymming is his only relationship on fb?

Two weeks ago I attached my bf to the In a relationship status on fb.
He removed it saying he doesn't want his business on facebook. I was mad at first because I thought he had something to hide. I let it go because there are some people like that. However, he never takes me out our introduces me to his friends and family.
Well I do get that he is a personal trainer and that gym pics come with the territory but today he uploaded a pic of himself on facebook. Hashtagged '' single life'' ''gymming'' my only relationship. I was so irate I went into the no contact, getting rid of all his stuff mood.
I think he is complete bull. He doesn't want to claim he is in a relationship with me or much less in a relationship but he uploads he is SINGLe and that gymming is his only relationship. WHat a twat?
If it was you what would you have done?


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  • I am pretty sure your boyfriend is not interested in actually dating you far as public image goes, not to sound like a dick but he's likely looking elsewhere and just using you as a spare until he can find something better.

    A guy who is showing his image as single and that his relationship is the gym wants attention from other girls clearly and I've been there I am a personal trainer / hockey player / big guy I get lots of attention while I am single compared to in a relationship. If I didn't want to commit to the girl I'd keep my public image single until I found something better instead so if I were you I'd leave him to be honest he clearly doesn't care about how you feel or as it seems even bothered to ask you if you would be upset about it.

    Has he even told you why he did it? If not I'd leave him right away he clearly doesn't care about your feelings and just using you 99% most likely just being honest. Every guy knows not to do that to a girl they actually want to commit with.

    • I did not speak to him. I just cut contact. I left him, I do not even think he deserves an explanation as to why since I am already insignificant in his life. You make me so happy that I didn't sleep with him. I am 24 but I have been through a lot relationship wise so I don't think like most girls do. I am keeping it moving. I respect myself too much to let some ''fella'' treat me as an option. Thank you for your insight.

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  • If my girlfriend did that i'd think that she not serious about our relationship. So i'd probably confront her about it and tell her i can't be with someone who not serious. So fix it or im gone. But thats what i would do.


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  • I would end the relationship with him.
    The reason he is publicly claiming to be single, is so that he can appeal to other females.
    If he is keeping his relationship with you as anonymous, he could easily have the same kind of relationship with multiple other females.
    And if he doesn't want his "business" on facebook, and considers his relationship with you as "business", then his relationship status of being single would also be "business", so why is he happy to post that then?
    He sounds like a player to steer clear of.
    I'm sorry you have to go through that :(.
    But I say dump the douche.
    You deserve much better than that.
    All the best :)

  • Never done to me but it sounds like he doesn't want that relationship. Although it's only been two weeks I understand not introducing you to friends and family. That is a big step. But if he put that as a status it's a major break up. Like he was never in a relationship or considered It one.

    • No we are four months in. I just wanted to own it on fb we were good until then

  • Gotten mad at first but once I calmed down I would have sat down and had a calm serious talk with him in order to avoid unnecessary drama.

  • I would have confronted him about it and said "hey this isn't cool I'm done bye" and delete him from everything.

    • I was so mad I did not confront him. I already dumped him he just doesn't know as yet. I am still furious.

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    • Thanks for the encouraging words. I said the same thing to myself. Somethings in life are just life lessons.

    • Exactly you'll be better off without him :) go get'em girl!

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