Is it bad/unattractive to be a tall and skinny girl?

m 17 (almost 18 in 5 months), 1.75m (5 feet 8.9 inches) tall and weigh 55 kg (121 pounds). I feel like I've got no meat on me and have gross legs. Guys usually say they like curvy girls and idek what they mean by that. I have a slim back and a flat stomach, and im also sporty. What type of guys actually like this image... or do they AT ALL?


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  • Im going to be honest, I would kill to be skinny im tall 5'7 and trust me guys like thin girls!, not skeleton thin but healthy and fit :) dont worry your only 17 I am 20! I bet you look great! stop worrying, im trying to get thin and have a flat stomach myself! I think your lucky! :)

    • Thanksss but i like girls with curvess and i bet you look gorgeous like that too! I just asked some of my guy friend sand theyre like we like curvy girls so idel what that meaannss

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  • I'm 5'8" tall, 148 lbs. Although I would feel awkward with a lady that towers overs me, I am so desperate to become a husband that I would even consider marrying a lady Margo Dydek's height. Being tall is not at all unattractive if the lady is lean body fat wise. To me, the leaner the lady, the better she looks, e. g., if two women who are the same height wear a size eight dress, and one is 20 pounds heavier than the other, the heavier lady looks the best to me because she is the leaner, body fat wise, of the two. A skinny lady looks good to me only if her muscles are toned which would make her heavy for her size. A skinny lady whose muscles are not toned looks unattractive to me.

  • it's a guys personal choice. Some like slim girls while some like them with some flesh on them. Don't try to change yourself be who you are and try to find a guy who like your body type. ATB

    • No no no, i won't try to change. Im just wondering because it got me confused. Even if i tried to put weight on myself, it won't work because i have a high matablism

    • Oh! nice to know that you have just entered into a world of curiosity

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