Believe it or not? do you?

There is someone for everybody. Thinking you're alone, but you're really not. I'm just ready till I find the person who enjoys my presence, thinks of me. ... just some words of wisdom. where ever she is at I love you, we might; or might not have met. But I'll find you 😔😪😘

  • Good words, stay positive.🙏
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  • I believe ANYONE can find a good match somewhere in this world. However I don't believe everyone only has one soulmate. I believe there are plenty of people one could be perfectly content in a relationship with. It's just that the world is vast and it's impossible to meet every single person on it so it's all a matter of actually finding and getting to know the people you could be content in a relationship with. Which is hard.

    • Awesome response ✊, yeah... just getting to know the person is a little hard. I tried talking to this girl, and I told her I didn't want to annoy her, cause it seem like she was bored as I was talking to her. And I haven't talk to her in a week, lol... so that def is the hard part 😘

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