I need to get my ex back how do I talk to her, confront her, get her to fall back in love with me and most of all is it worth it?

It's been 3 months since we broke up. We fought a lot towards the end of the relationship for reasons I now fully understand and working on fixing. We were a really loving couple and were just so close and I treated her like an Angel. Since the break up she's been drinking and putting out a lot. Getting with any guy that shows the slightest interest and even flirts with her other ex openly. She left our friend group and started hanging with other people that only see her as an object and don't really care about her. She has health problems and she shouldn't be drinking but she does drink a lot and I'm so worried about anything happening to her. I want to fix and bring what we had back because there is no other girl that was as loving, caring, sweet, interesting as her. I don't know how to fix things. She wanted to be single and was sick of the fights so we broke up. I don't know how I should act around her, what should I say to her, how do I get her to fall back in love with me. Last week she asked me not to hook up with her friend or it would hurt her and what I got from that is that she still cares and isn't completely over it. I'm afraid of losing her forever to those d bags that she hangs with now and her other ex that treated her like crap and cheated on her. When I'm around her I keep my cool and act normal but on the inside I have butterflies so I hesitate on so much. Im afraid that if I tell her how I really feel it'll push her away even more and that'll be it. Look this girl was perfect, she was my dream girl and I can't believe I messed up so much. So to recap I want her back l, I don't know what to say to her or how I should act towards her, she's hanging with people that just want to get with her, she drinks a lot which worries me because of her health issues, I may lose her to her other ex. Guys in all seriousness I don't want to push her away anymore. How do I get her to fall back in love with me.


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  • You know... she does sound really broken.

    And if i was ever as broken hearted as she was feeling right now, what i would really want in the whole entire world would be a hug.

    I know that sounds crazy. But a hug, like a kiss is sometimes so underated and forgotten. A hug means a lot. For me, if i was going through all this, i want a hug.

    Talk to her and give the hug or find her and hug her. What i recommend first is huggingher from behind and saying. "It's me."

    She should recognize your voice. Put your arms around her shoulders and whisper into her ear. Hold her like you mean it. Hold her the way she deserves to be treated.

    Hold her and SHOW her, you LOVE her. Do this when she is NOT drunk so she can hear and understand completely, everything you're going to say.

    Say her name. It may have been a long time since you last calledher name. Say it with love. Say it wit h everything you have, heart and soul. Tell her you are sorry, and say, "please let me say something. I really ne ed to tell you this. And i need you to hear me out, please."

    Tell her everything you did wrong. Tell her you're sorry again. Say that you're wrong, that you were wrong to hurt her that way. Tell her everything you said here, how you felt about her. Say how lost you were without her and how you didn't know how much you loved her and how much she meant to you. Say all of th is with meaning and heart. MEAN every word you say.

    Say sorry one more time. Ask for forgiveness and say, "i still love you. And i realized it more when we were apart. I miss you and i need you. I'm hurt each time i see you in the arms of those guys who dont know your worth. I want you back in my arms. I want to protect you better than i did before. I want to show you that you deserve more, that you deserve better. So let me love you again please and let me show you how preious you are to me. And that no one should ever take you for granted."

    • I want to do all this more than anything but knowing her if I just unload with all this stuff she'll push me away more. At this point I can't really tell if any of this is her being broken or just her being single. I mean she flirts with her ex right in front of me, goes out with those guys that just want her as a toy because she's being so easy and she actually likes all this. She seems happy. and it's a nightmare for me because she's doing herself up for distaster, I have to hear about her conquests with other guys whenever she's hanging out with us and when it comes to me being with others she makes a big deal about how I can't hook up with a friend of hers because she'll be really hurt like why is she being such a hypocrite. I can't tell if these are signs that she's done or they're signs that she's moved on to be a new person. When we were together it was all perfect I was happy. I just think that doing all this right away would scare her

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  • You can't force someone to love you, the best thing to do is become friends with her and take it slowly, sometimes going back to a relationship which didn't work the first time, coz the best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour, so you have to ask yourself whether its worth persuing,

    • WRONG! You couldn't be more wrong... you can make ANYONE fall in love with you, its a well calculated process. This is by far the worst advice I have ever heard, be "friends" with her? That is exactly what a "dumper" wants with a "dumpee", have their cake and eat it too! You should really never give advice on something you know nothing about...

    • You aren't a real person i believe you work for this service provider, like most people on here, asking silly childish questions, u have not got much of an iq , im the only genuine user on here

    • I asked this question, yeah she's worth pursuing what do you think I should do

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  • Alright bud... I am gonna help ya but only if you can listen well and follow instructions or you will fuck yourself in the process and really loose her, before we begins, some pointers-

    1-Your breakup has NOTHING to do with the reasons she gave such as fights or wanna be single etc.
    2-DONOT, DONOT listen to any female advice on this or you are fucked
    3-Her telling you not to fuck her friend, was a test of her power over you and you gave her confirmation she has you by the balls.
    4-She is fucking guys and hanging with the wrong crowd because she knows it pisses you off.
    5-She wants you more than you think, but she is playing hard to get, its a power struggle, from her end.

    The fact is, in her head, subconsciously, she in a race with you, for power... a race you no nothing about, that exactly will be become your advantage.

    Let me know when you are ready to get her begging for you... in the meantime... I will give you a million dollar advice... STOP! everything you are doing, good or bad, just fucking STOP! I know its hard but backoff and disappear in thin air for a while... give her the ultimate gift... of missing you :)

    • Heh. Dont take any female's advice. Did you see mine :p

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    • Wow, hahah listen to him OP, best of luck!

    • Lol bro I've been working out daily since the break up