Going to the movies, anyhting specific I should/shouldnt do?

I have been going to lunch with this girl and i talk/text her everyday a lot and we both like eachother but were just not official yet in kind of a consensus. Anyway, in a few days were going to see a movie together and i just wanted some random tips for that day. Like should i kiss her? Should i buy her snacks? Stupid little questions i have but if you guys and gals could please help me out and give me tips id very much appreciate it thanks!


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  • To be honest, you could offer to buy her some popcorn :)
    and I think you should just be open and honest about how you feel,
    I know its hard, but you know you both like each other so it can only go one or two ways.
    But I think you know that you will probably end up dating, as its obvious you like each other :)


What Guys Said 1

  • Put a hole at the bottom of the popcorn. Thats what I always do