Ever been in love with 2 people at the same time? how was your experience?

Do you think loving 2 people at the time is wrong? why or why not?


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  • 1. Most species including humans were never meant to be monogamous even by feelings
    2. Every religious text also states that love multiplies never divides
    3. However, monogamy has been instilled in us for eons for various reasons that are meant to be good in general
    4. Which is why instances of loving multiple people is less and those acknowledging that they do is still less
    5. If nature were to deny these traits then you and others won't be feeling this way, there won't be gays etc
    6. Hence, it's only natural and normal to be able and to love more than one person

    • Thank you, young lady for your kind, generous and thoughtful gesture of selecting my opinion the MH :-)

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  • This is one reason why I will never get married. Even married women love "spreading the love" nowadays. If my girlfriend wish to spread the love to another man, I can simply dump her like a bad habit. But if I as a man foolishly get married and my wife wish to love another man, she can divorce me and take half my sh@t and spend it on the other man.

    Having 1 girlfriend at a time is enough for me.

    • you can make a contract to decide what you and your ex keeps after a divorce

  • Sometimes it just happens. I have 2 or 3 times experienced a tug of war with two and at times 3 women and usually or always actually chose wrong except for one time but I eventually dumped her like an imbecile.


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  • yes i absolutely hate it with all my heart and soul. it just makes me feel like a child who can't make her goddamn mind up about which guy is better. then it ends up turning out that theyre both more stupid than each other lol

    • I upvoted you little lioness but am unable to find words to put in place in a politically correct manner. You are a child alright lol BUT a sensible and mature one at that. When you can't find which one is better love both ;-) :-D

  • I'm currently in love with two guys which is why I tend to post anonymous on here with my questions about them - people would realise that I'm talking about 2 different guys and go WTH?

    • I've never been in love with 2 people but i think it's normal, i would understand lol