Would you turn down a guy/break up with a guy if you knew he did so much to alter his looks?

I'm a good looking guy, facially at least. As posted on this site, I am just of 5'7 stature. I wear a 1 inch lift in my shoes, putting me at 5'8, 5'9 with shoes which is average. I have brown hair that can sometimes look black and even blonde. I dye my blonde highlights to a dark brown to go with the rest of my hair. I am fair skinned, so I apply a self tanning lotion. After all this, I feel great and confident. All my uncles have dark hair and are above 5'9, but aren't too easy on the eyes facially. My dad was the best looking one, but also the shortest, and had the lightest hair. I know tall, dark, and handsome isn't as relevant as it used to be. But, does dying my hair,(not full on) tanning my skin, and adding a height boost hurt my image as a man. Of course it's not masculine but I really care about how I look. I mean, does doing this hurt my image, and make me seem gay to women. It makes me look very attractive, kind of like makeup and heels to women. I really stress out about this. I'm a great man but I feel like doing this takes away that from me. I don't wanna hear stuff like your insecure and a real man isn't insecure. I get it. I am, but at least I can admit to it and I believe in looking good. Ladies, what do you think? What if your boyfriend was me, a really attractive guy but without his lifts and tan and dye wouldn't be as attractive. Is this fine to do because I always feel wrong, like I'm cheating. I mean my genetics all have dark hair (exept fathers) and are normal-tall heights. I got the handsome face gene but not the rest. Is there anything wrong with what I'm doing, and If you were my girlfirend, would you be fine with it? Thanks, and remember, I'm coming at this with a very innocent sensitive appraoch. I just want to look how I want to look. Please don't bash me in the comments, and if you took time to respond, thank you because I know I wouldn't care to read such a long story lol.

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  • I'll be honest and say its a turn off, for me. I don't think it would matter to girls who are higher maintenance though, and put an equal amount of effort into their appearance.


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