All interest in coming along for the ride seemed to dissipate.

So there are these three girls staying at a lodge my mum works at. We had sort of been hanging out in a fleeting sort of way (they don't really seem like they're used to being around guys in a friend kind of way) and today I offered to take them to a beach so they decided to go. We get to the beach and stay for about ten minutes because everyone was tired from late nights. So we decide to just go bomb around in my boat for a while and one of them wanted to drive so I let her drive around for a while then back to the lodge. I hung around for a while but they just stayed mainly in their cabin. So I went home slept for a while then came back later. They were all hanging around the dock so I sort of tried to hang out a bit too. There had been some other people there and I was leaving soon anyways so I was going to tow their rowboat back. All three or at least one for sure seemed like they wanted to come along for the ride so we were gonna go then this boat passes and there's a guys sitting on the side and instantly all three of them like whiplash around and start waving and giggling at him. After that all interest in coming along for the ride seemed to dissipate. It felt like they were thinking "oh we don't want this hot guy to think we're with this loser let's move away and pretend we don't know him." Just kinds stings a little after making an effort to hang out with them like all f***ing day then another male enters a 100 meter radius and I'm all of a sudden the last f***in thing on their mind.

Okay for f***s sake I don't know why that's the title I forget what I put but it wasn't that.


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  • Haha. They're just some girls on vacation. Obviously they aren't concerned with forming friendships or hanging out with just one guy. They're going to find the coolest, hottest guys to hang out with during their trip. If someone comes along that's better, then you're history. It works both ways. I've been on the receiving and giving end of this situation. It's not cool, but it's just how it is. Don't beat yourself up over it. Their loss!

  • I don't even know what to say this except that things like that are the reason I tend to avoid dealing with girls at all. They're all awful, awful people. haha. I wouldn't be upset over them, they don't exactly seem like the kind of people that you'd want to hang around anyways.


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