When is it time to move on?

I used to work with this girl at the grocery store years ago. She still works there, and I see her on occasion.

I sent her a message on Facebook, since we've never really had anything to do with each other, asking her to a church dinner last Valentine's Day. She never replied and I didn't get a read receipt ("Read at XX:XX on Xday.")

She's homeschooled and her older brother is a strong Christian. I think she has the potential to be my type because of that, but I may not be hers. I'm a high school dropout who was... I didn't have much perception of the fact that other people could see the way I acted. I have been a jerk and I have been clingy. I even stalked a girlfriend for a few months back then. I only got my life back on track about a year and a half ago. I'm 21 and I think she's 20.

Should I just drop it? It's hard to approach her now because I feel semi-rejected, adding to my already shy personality. I would rather not come across as a pushy creep to someone who may well want nothing to do with me. I really don't know what kind of reputation I have since I tend to isolate from people in the community when I can do so without risking being rude.


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  • It really depends have you guys actually spoke to each other on a personal level and not in public? And maybe she didn't read it maybe she just deleted it are you guys actually friends on Facebook or did you message her randomly because I do know the inbox has a filter setting which can basically put all non-friend messages into the 'Other' folder of the Facebook messages which nobody ever gets notifications for or warnings.

    So she could of just have never gotten a warning saying you messaged her therefor never read the message. If I were you why not just ask her at work sometime if she's busy later and if not ask if she wants to go for coffee or milkshake the worse that happens is she says no she doesn't want too and if that's the case just move on than. Because if you're actually interested into her you might as well give it a shot to talk to her and ask her to at least have a coffee doesn't have to be a date but just more getting to know each other. If she's not interested into that at all than you know she's just not interested into you and than it's better to move on than be a creeper than and keep trying.

    I know your shy and stuff but you might as well give it a shot even just have a conversation with her sometime in public and just say you want to talk some more and ask if she wants to have a coffee than. There's nothing wrong with asking somebody to talk some more and get to know each other. It's not creepy unless you stalked the girl or asked her a bunch of times, just because you asked her once on Facebook doesn't mean anything for all you know she didn't see it.

    • I didn't know Facebook didn't notify you about messages sent to Other. Maybe she has no clue I attempted to put the ball in her court. I guess I'll bring it up the next time I see her maybe. Or bring up something else.

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  • If you 'Still see her on occasion' when you go to the store and she isn't giving you any helpful hints of Interests, and with giving you a rude and crude 'No read, no reply' on Fb, should have told you for Valentine's Day 'Doomsday'-------She has no heart and you are better off finding someone else who could hold a candle to this fair weather friend filly.
    Move on, sweetie. You have come a long way from your 'Wandering' ways, to sort of speak, and it would be a Definite step back if you tried Again to pursue anything with this one, for she has given you Raised Red Flag signs that she doesn't wish to be bothered in heart, mind And----No soul.
    The baby steps that you have taken to get to a Good stepping stone will be stomped on by her should you decide to go for her.
    No, don't take the 'Risk' even with her, keep her at arm's length, she may be your One set back to have you put back in The------Stalker saddle again... Risking being rude.
    Good luck. xx

    • We've never been friends or dated.

    • I know this... Don't get something started that you know you cannot finish... Move on to someone you Can be more than friends with and you can date with np...

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