Question for indian guys, is it normal to be single for us?

well you all must be aware of the fact that Indian girls are the most disturbed and complicated in this world. even when we are good looking we need to be fucking persuasive to get an average looking girl.
I know its the society and parents that had made girls so complicated and masquerading and we've to play hard to get along but its still very difficult for someone who's introvert am 23 and have spent most of life as being single and I have seen most Indian guys like that too.
what's your opinion about it, do you think that's its gonna change or not because I've found that only girls are like this way and westerners are much better than them. lol as I've met few and have sort of gave up on indian girls sadly :(


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  • Its the culture and their parents who think and act like if its still 60 years ago in your country. Not the girls.

    • Your just trying to fool around with a girl. Ha... But your culture doesn't allow for that. Their family will burn u at the stake.

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  • This is ridiculous now, son.

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