Falling for my old love again. Help?

I think Im falling for my first girlfriend again.

If you can spare your time to read my story:
It’s all begin with puppy love.
So, say, the name is Diana.
I like her since I was in grade 6 , I deeply falling for her from the very first sight. I never talked nor approached her, Im just admiring her from the distance, like every middle schoolers do, Im too shy. But I tell you that, Its more than enough for me in that time.
So time goes by, Im in grade 7 everything still the same. But, to my surprise she went away to another country for God knows how long. It really breaks my heart so bad.
But luckily, she just went away for a year. I met her again in grade 8 my feeling grows even stronger, then I decided to get her number, and I did! we text a lot but barely talk to each other. and I even confess my feeling through the text message. But she accept it anyway. we’re dating for short while and I think we had fun we hang out in the weekend but barely talks when we're in school and then she breaks up with me of course because I barely talk with her. shit happens.
I didn't feel much this time, because I think dating sucks. its not what I expect to be.
So we grow apart ever since, we went to another school, got lot of stuff to do, finishing my high school, and I went to other country to study.

Fast forward, Im 20 now. I got a new life, new friends, new crush. Everything is perfect and I think Im over her. I heard that she’s also studying in the same country Im in, but I dont care, Its not like we’re gonna meet in this city of millions.
But one day, God why! out of nowhere I saw her, and she saw me too. all of those memories from the past, its all coming back to me. excited and confused. but dang, Im playing dumb and act like I didn't see her. Then FML, I saw her again in the next half an hour. This is too much for me.

Guys, Girls. I really need some advice right now. should I reconnect? Do you believe in fate? I can’t trust my head right now.


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  • hi :) similar thing happened to me. i had a boyfriend in 6 grade, i don't even remember why we broke up lol, but my mom told me because he was too needy and i couldn't stand it haha it sounds like me, so when we moved out to another city, i didn't really care, and then one day, i saw him on the bus, what are the chances right? we locked eyes and smiled weirdly to each other, it was a beautiful moment actually, since our childhood was lived together, we never talked though, only waved goodbye when we parted.
    you need to understand that you are going to meet a lot of people in your life that you can fall in love with, i know that sometimes you feel that it's fate and you have to have that girl, but if you see nothing interesting in her accept old memories, then don't interact with her. sometimes you simply need to let her go. you can ask to meet with her if you like, first. you can't really know how sh'es like now, people change, maybe that meetup will make your feelings more clear and than you can decide what to do. i don't see how you can fall in love with her again if you didn't even talked to her... so if you can't let this go. find her. everything is possible :)


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