Did she reject me or should I ask her out?

I have been with my hairdresser for over a year and there were signs of flirting and asking me questions in a serious tone e. g."Do you trust me trust me? ". I only see her every once a month.

A month ago, I have taken my mom to get her hair done in her Birthday as one of Birthday presents. I bought her a bouquet of roses as surprise and a single rose for the hair dresser.

When I have paid the bill, she handed the flowers back to me (they have shelves for each customer). I told her that the single rose was for her and the reason was that she always smiling, cheerful and funny but also she always does a great job. When we left, she chased me outside the shop and asking what we are going to do next and she hopes to see me again.

I made an appointment on the two weeks after. She looked her best as she never did dressed up before the previous appointments. She has waited for me at the entrance of the premises as she never did it before. I asked her what she likes and made her laugh. After the session, I promised her to take her to her favorite restaurant and handed a note with my number. She stared at it with a huge smile in her face and looking at the note for two minutes. I said goodbye, I did not ask for her number because she is the manager of the place (colleagues).

I made an appointment the week after in relation for the coloring of my hair. Once I sat down on the chair, she was whispering about being sorry in a serious tone, and I asked the reason for it. She has said that she was very busy to call or email and I just said "that's ok". She did only some of the service but the majority are her assistants. At the end of the session she has said "I hope to see you again".

Lately, I was eating at my favorite restaurant, She stared at me with her head down and smiling from the stairs when I was about to leave. Last week she did the same but walked away in isolation, her head was down and her two hands in her chest

I do like her :)


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  • You can't get her number... She's busy... I will tell you something my best friend told me. HAIRDRESSERS ARE CRAZY
    Now whether or not that is true I will tell you something I know is true. Female, good looking hairdressers get hit on all the time. Most have a boyfriend and usually a steady stream of them only being single for short periods of time. I mean if cute guys come into your shop all the time, why not. And I know that they flirt to get bigger tips, same as bartenders. Some even try to befriend the customers. The woman who cut my boyfriends hair before and when we first started dating, supposedly had a boyfriend, but would text him past 11 on Wednesday nights to meet her at a bar to hangout...
    So basically she might be playing you, and it's working, you've giving her more business. However she might actually be busy... But I doubt it. So the next time you go on ask her out. Directly, just do it. If she is wishy washy or says I'll call you or I'll let you know. Right her off. Anyone that's so busy they can't even call or text doesn't like you that much or deserve the amount of time and thought you're putting into this


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  • Dude, your vagina is showing, cover it up!

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