What does a female need to do in this life to get the man of her dreams to want her like he did before?

So I love a man and from what he told me he loved me. We split up for 10weeks then he claimed he missed me so much and all the crazy little things I do and just being with me so we got back together and i had social connections with an x i tried to stay away as much as possible but it was one of my best friends who was also friends with my x. I confided in this friend who obv mentioned to my x, who at this point used the info he gathered to split me and my bf up. Things were good though and me and my bf didn't let it ruin us and i cut all those friends off. my bf was moving away to another city and works away a lot and suddenly told me it was over after we had come so far and were beginning to make life plans together. we still spent a lot of our time together and attended social events together, he even spoke of me visiting him when he moves, but everytime I tried to talk to him about us he cuts me off short sometimes gets angry and pushes me away telling me he can't help how he feels. I know he hasn't had a very serious relationship in the past and I dont think he has another woman. But i miss him more than ever i dont know what to do I just want him back and for things to be the way they were. Or am I just hanging on to something that I will never have back in my life.


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  • So after getting back together after a 10week split, your friend shared info with your ex who broke you guys up? That break up happened AFTER you guys got back together?

    • No he knew I hadn't done anything and we didn't break up. it is confusing it was my x who is friends with my friends who gathered info from my friend about problems we had and he took that info and went back to my man claiming i had told him when I had not seen him (i did not know at this point that my x wanted me back after two yr split) but i had moved on and was happy with the man I was with we split for ten weeks but this was due to transitions of moving and other personal reasons

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    • I would say exactly that to him.
      He sounds very flaky and like he doesn't know what he wants.
      Which is okay, but toying with you is NOT.
      I'd put a stop to that if it's making you unhappy!

    • Thanks for MH!
      Here's hoping this bump will get you more responses!

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