I have a date with a girl in 10dys, should I remind her& what if she flakes... Nervous?

I met a girl at the press conference we exchanged numbers. I called her after a few days and asked her if we meet for coffee (I didn't want say date, I didn't want to scare her). She said that she's out of the city on an assignment& will be back in 10dys and we can meet then.

What I want to ask is that should I remind her, say a week later? And what if she flakes?


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  • Give her a head's Up in around the time she stipulated as to: Would she still be Into a cup of Joe and if so, what day would be convenient for her? Wait for a response and with this Reply, no more need to over think anything.
    However, if you don't hear back, move on and find someone who is More 'Into' a cup Of-----Kindness and some good convo on the side.
    Good luck. xx

    • Paris could you help me with a question?

    • Why sure, muldoon... Are you following me? I think so... shoot me a message and I will try and help... xx

    • Glad to have helped, sweetie, thank you... Shoot me a message if you need some more good advice.. xxoo

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  • 10 days... too far in advance to worry

    And if she flakes then she flakes. What's the big deal?


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