So there's this guy in the bus... help?

There is a really cute guy that sometimes gets the bus with me, we're in the same year and my friend knows a guy from his school therefore she managed to find out that he is single. Just so you know, i didn't ask for it! Anyway... last time i got on the bus with him we made eye contact like 3 times and a 4th when i was about to get out the bus: i did a really awkward quick smile and walked out the bus before he got a chance to react!

I want to know how to eventually start talking to him without sounding or doing anything creepy - keep in mind i am really shy and he seems shy too, and i don't want to do anything that is too froward or scares him away. ANY IDEAS?

I had a trip to his school and when me and my friend saw him i started freaking out and in the end, my friend asked him if he gets the *** bus and he said yeah (he has a REALLY nice voice just saying)


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  • To start talking to him u should ask him a favor. ... Helped?

    • yeah but, like what?

    • Smthng not too big... smthng like "hey can u borrow me ur phone i must call my mum"(making ur face like u reallyy neeed it)(sweet face)#look him in the eyes... just do it -Nike lol

    • haha okay

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